First Steps
How to install Java
How to install Open ModelSphere with setup.exe (for Windows users)
How to install Open ModelSphere with compressed files (for Linux and/or advanced users)
Class Modeling
Add a class model (using the wizard)
Add a class model (using the explorer)
Add classes
Add fields and methods into classes
Add associations between classes
Add aggregations between classes
Add inheritances between classes
Modify Fields
Use Case Modeling
Add a use case diagram (using the wizard)
Add a use case diagram (using the explorer)
Rename the use case context
Add actors to the use case diagram
Add inheritance between actors
Add use cases to the use case diagram
Link actors with use cases
Elaborate use cases
Change link stereotypes
Change link directions
Sequence Modeling
Elaborate a use case into a sequence diagram
Add roles
Add activation boxes under roles
Add messages between activation boxes
Add branch messages
Add return messages (control messages)
Add recursive messages
Add asynchronous rmessages (messages with duration)
Renumber messages
Specify an emitting condition
Space lifeline
Diagramming and Visual Aids
Change colors of figures (using the tools)
Change colors of figures (using styles)
Change font and font size of figures (using styles)
Change line orthogonality (right angles vs free angles)
Resize figures
Use the grid to align figures
Change styles