Installation Notes

Installation on Linux

Q: Is it possible to run Open ModelSphere on Linux?
A: Because Open ModelSphere (OMS) is implemented in Java, it can run under any platform on which a Java interpreter is implemented.  This includes the Linux operating system and Macintoch computers.

OMS has been successfully tested on Ubuntu 8.10 and Linux Mint (7,8,9 and 10)

To run OMS under Linux, take the .bat installation and re-write the following batch file:


"<your_path>/javaw.exe" -ms64m -mx512m -ss16m -classpath ".\modelsphere.jar;
.\lib\jython-2.2.1\jython.jar"  org.modelsphere.sms.Application \\pause

Into this shell file: 

java -ms64m -mx512m -ss16m -cp .:./modelsphere.jar:./

Alternatively, you can also try:

# Change the path according to your OMS directory.
cd /opt/openmodelsphere
java -ms64m -mx512m -ss16m -classpath  "./modelsphere.jar:./modelsphere.jar:./

./lib/jython-2.2.1/jython.jar" org.modelsphere.sms.Application

Take the latest openModelSphere.bat (new libraries (.jar) may be added in the future).

It is also possible to launch OMS from the Eclipse IDE, which runs under Linux.

Bugs reported on Linux: The message about the licence when OMS starts up gives an error: the licence text is not shown. This is possibly due to an error in the path. 

Credits: Renaud Levesque for testing OMS under Linux Ubuntu and writing these notes.  Thanks also to Adam Labranche, Louis-Etienne Beaumont for testing it under Linux Mint.