Open ModelSphere Time Line

First Generation : Consoi-MCD (1984-1988)

1984Beginning of the development of CONSOI-MCD, one of the first graphical CASE tool. Platform: Macintosh.  Programming Language: Pascal.
1985Release of CONSOI-MCD.
1987CONSOI-MCD receives the first Octas Award (Fédération de l'informatique du Québec).
1988The company SystemOID becomes Silverrun Technologies.

Second Generation : The Silverrun Suite (1990-today)

1989Beginning of the development of the CDE (common development environment), a platform-independant modeling framework. Programming Language: C.
1990Release of the SILVERRUN suite (DFD, EAX, RDM).
1995Beginning of the developement of Silverrun-OO (Perfect-O), a prototype CASE tool for OO, programmed in C++.  It supported Unified, the ancestor of UML.

Third Generation : ModelSphere (1995-today)

1995-1996Silverrun-OO (PerfectO) : object-oriented modeler. Programming Language: C++.
1996-1997Silverrun-UM (Universal Modeler) : integration of object modeling (Silverrun-OO codebase) and relational modeling (forward/reverse engineering of Informix Universal Server databases).
1998-1999Beginning of the programming of SILVERRUN-JD (Java Designer). Conversion of Silverrun-OO to Java. Programming Language: Java.
1999 NovemberRelease of SILVERRUN Java Designer Kit 2.2.
2002 FebruarySILVERRUN-ModelSphere 1.0
Addition of relational modeling
2002 JulySILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.0
Addition of business process modeling
2003 SeptemberSILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.1
RDM: common items, changing target system
2004 FebruarySILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.2
BPM: process tree diagrams, cells with context
RDM: verify integrity, model clean-up, common item
All: graphical notes, graphical links, grid
2005 SeptemberSILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.3
2006 MarchSILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.4
2006 SeptemberSILVERRUN-ModelSphere 2.5
2008 SeptemberOpen ModelSphere 3.0 (GPL product)
2009 NovemberOpen ModelSphere 3.1