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AB - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.CanadianProvince
ABITIBI - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.PostalCode.Region
ABITIBI - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.qc.RegionAdministrative
add(Organization) - Method in class com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.qc.educ.EducationalNetwork
addNamedColor(String, int) - Method in class com.marcosavard.commons.types.ColorPalette
addWord(String) - Method in class com.marcosavard.commons.text.Dictionary
Add a word in the dictionary
AFRICA - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.TimeZoneCity.Continent
AFTER - com.marcosavard.commons.time.Dates.Time
ALBERTA_CENTRAL - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.PostalCode.Region
ALBERTA_NORTHERN - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.PostalCode.Region
ALBERTA_SOUTHERN - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.ca.PostalCode.Region
AMERICA - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.TimeZoneCity.Continent
App - Class in com.marcosavard.commons
Hello world!
App() - Constructor for class com.marcosavard.commons.App
AppTest - Class in com.marcosavard.commons
Unit test for simple App.
AppTest(String) - Constructor for class com.marcosavard.commons.AppTest
Create the test case
ASIA - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.TimeZoneCity.Continent
AUSTRALIA - com.marcosavard.commons.geog.TimeZoneCity.Continent
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